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MITDC being a 100% SOE has been mandated with undertaking mid-market tourism development projects in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) and is currently developing Laamu. Baresdhoo and Kaafu. Kaashidhoo as tourism destination.


Along with the tourism related projects, MITDC has been working closely with MoT to commence other developments in line with the priority projects of the government.


Towards this end, MITDC and MoT had identified the need for the development of more recreational facilities for families, youth and residents of greater Male’ region.


One of the primary focus of the government is the creation of a picnic island for such use near Male’ and MITDC initially planned and announced the project in 2017.


Since having announced the project for the development of a picnic island facility on the lagoon of Kaafu Galufalhu, MITDC has been working closely with MoT in finalizing the detailed land use plans, covering the recreational facilities for the picnic island as well as finalizing the legalities and financing arrangements with MoT.


With the assistance and close cooperation with the government, MITDC has been granted the development funds through MoT and the planned Picnic Island facility will commence in July 2018.

The project envisages the reclamation and development of Picnic Island on the lagoon of Kaafu Galufalhu, an easily accessible location just 15 minutes away from Male’.


The picnic island will provide opportunities for locals to go for day picnics with facilities such as BBQs, day rooms, restaurants, water sports and other land based recreational facilities available at minimum cost.


With the emphasis placed on the government and MoT on this long standing vision for increasing the quality of life for the residents of the greater Male' region, MITDC is confident that the expected timeline of commencement of the project in July 2018 with an estimated completion target of 6 months is well within achievable means and are looking forward to welcoming the first families and youth to the Galufalhu Picnic Island in a few short month.