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MITDC along with the combined efforts of Maldives customs, holds a successful seminar to revise the regulations administering the traffic of visiting yachts at Ha.Uligan Dock.

The one-day seminar was joined by 45 members from 15 stakeholder association. This included the Ministry of Tourism, Transport Authority of Maldives and members of the Maldives Association of Yacht Agency

The main purpose of the seminar was to arrive at a decision that will enable the industry to overcome the issues of low traffic at Uligan Dock. After analyzing the expertise from all joining parties, a unilateral decision to revise the fee collection structure was made. It was identified that the decrease in traffic at Uligan main dock was due to the expensive fees that were being charged from visitors.

Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Customs Service reduced their prices while other associations also agreed to reduce their charges and even considering to completely omit some charges entirely.

MITDC considers this conference is a great milestone as the reduction of charges is expected to increase the number of yachts docked in the Maldives. The team at MITDC expresses humble gratitude to all members for making it a success.