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An official visit to Ha. Hoarafushi was initiated by the parliamentary member for Hoarafushi constituency Hon. Ahmed Saleem. Ahmed Saleem was joined by a delegation consisting of MITDC team along with Managing Director MR. Mohamed Raaidh. The purpose of this trip was to introduce the idea of an Integrated Tourism Zone and to host a Business Startup Workshop for the locals of the island.

In this four-day trip the team visited key locations of northern most Ha. Atoll including Uligan and Thuraakunu before camping at Hoarafushi to proceed with conducting the workshop aimed at educating the locals about Integrated tourism, Local tourism and the Guest house Industry.

The workshop was a success in which the team from MITDC was able to convey important information about operating hospitality facilities aimed to cater to local tourism.

At the end of the workshop, certificates were awarded to participants and an MOU was signed between MITDC and the President of the Hoarafushi Council.

Local residents also participated in the discussions by sharing their concerns and shedding light to areas that they need support. The success of the workshop and the information MITDC was able collect on the projects planned for Hoarafushi and Uligan, formulates a fruitful conclusion to the trip.