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Managing Director speaks at D Y Patil University

The Managing Director of Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC), Mohamed Raaidh has spoken, as the Guest of Honor, at the World Tourism Day 2021 celebration organized by D Y Patil University, School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Navi Mumbai.

D Y Patil University, School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Navi Mumbai, organized this World Tourism Day 2021 event to attain their goals and further educate tourism students.

This glorious tourism day event was held on Monday, 27th September 2021, from 10:30 am to 12:15 pm Indian Time, on the virtual platform ZOOM.

Speaking at the event Mr. Mohamed Raaidh highlighted the importance of bringing diversification to the Maldives Tourism Industry and discussed the importance of promoting Community-Based Tourism in local islands. He also stated the importance of this year’s UNWTO slogan for Tourism Day, to formulate the policies and strategic direction towards inclusive growth that is distributed fairly across society, creating opportunities for all to change the perception and to build harmony among the Tourism Industry.

He further presented the “Savaadheeththa Dhathuru” Maldives Yacht Rally 2022, organized by MITDC, as he believes such a rally would attract a lot of exposure to the cultural component in the country’s Tourism Industry.

He offered the opportunity for one student from the Tourism Faculty of the University to join the “Savaadheeththa Dhathuru” Maldives Yacht Rally 2022 for this once in a lifetime experience in Maldives that will showcase the Maldives Heritage Tourism and create awareness among the millennials, which the President Solih has envisaged that the culture has now become an important part of our economy as more and more travellers, especially millennials travel to explore and experience different cultures, heritages and to learn about their ways of living in the Maldives.  

He also addressed the reception about the importance of preserving the nations heritage and expressed his gratitude to the D Y Patil school for giving him the wonderful opportunity to share his experience, and everyone involved in organizing such an event.

Other distinguished speakers were Professor Shaikh Rahmatullah of D Y Patil University and Managing Director of TP Connect, Mr. Rajendran Vellapalath.

The event concluded with awarding the students who participated in the art and design competition of World Tourism Day 2021 by Dr. Surabhi Srivastava.