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Addu City Integrated Resorts

Addu has had plenty of experience with evolving the tourism industry and moving it forward. With integrated tourism, we intend to reinvigorate the local economy of Addu. We have no doubt that the presence of our integrated resorts in city areas will greatly increase interaction between visitors and local businesses which in turn will result in them flourishing. More directly, Addu entrepreneurs can invest and develop hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and commercial outlets within our integrated resorts.

We held the Addu City Investors' Forum 2017 to launch our Addu City Integrated Resorts Project on 8th April 2017. The forum brought together local and international stakeholders in our tourism industry which include local small-scale entrepreneurs, guest house owners and operators, local and international operator, bankers, financial institutes, resort operators etc. who are keen to invest in this concept using their expertise and knowledge gained from their longer tenure in the industry.

In the forum we were able to finally present to the public the 6 locations we have handpicked to introduce integrated tourism in Addu. They are;

  • Feydhoo Reclaimed Area (Opposite Savaaheli)



  • Meedhoo, Mulimathi Sarahadhdhu

Meedhoo Mulimathi


  • Hithadhoo, near the Convention Center

Addu Conv Centre


  • Hulhudhoo (Opposite Herethera)



  • Hikihera



  • Maradhoo