Baresdhoo Integrated Guest House Project

07 September 2017
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Laamu Integrated Guest House Project is open for investment. Laamu Integrated Guest House Project, the realisation of President Yameen’s vision for guest house islands outlined in the PPM tourism manifesto. Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation Limited (MITDC) invite interested investors to become a part of the first ever Laamu Integrated Guest House Project in Maldives.

For more information with regard to investment opportunities and other details of the Baresdhoo project, visit Hotel Jen on 13th September 2017 from 1300 hrs. to 1700 hrs. Information will also be available from MITDC office at H. Velaanaage, 5th floor and via the official website of MITDC (

Initially, bare land area was allocated to investors to develop and operate under a Lease Acquisition Model (LAC). However, with the new concept of rental model, property developments will be undertaken by MITDC where investors are required to pay a monthly rent to MITDC.

Currently, harbour for the project is completed in the island of Laamu Mahakanfushi and is connected to Baresdhoo through a land link. The utility facilities covering waste management, water, sewerage and electricity are to be awarded.

Laamu Integrated Guest House Project will responsibly diversifying the tourism product of the Maldives by catering to the middle market segment and improve the socio-economic development of the region by targeting local SMEs in the tourism industry.