Baresdhoo Integrated Guest House Project

13 September 2017
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A half-day session was conducted today at Hotel Jen from 1300 hrs to 1700 hrs with investors to deliver information regarding investment opportunities in the Baresdhoo Integrated Guest House project. During this half day event, special information sessions were held at 1430 hrs and 1630 hrs where Managing Director of MITDC shared technical information regarding the project to interested parties who visited Hotel Jen. The Model of Laamu Baresdhoo Integrated Guest House project was displayed during the information session.

MITDC will be selling RFP document to interested parties from 13th September 2017 to 16th October 2017 from MITDC office. Interested parties are to submit the necessary documents to MITDC before 1430 hrs of 25th October 2017.  Submission are revolving submissions commencing from date of sale of docs until the last date of submission. Evaluation will be an ongoing process with the highest marks awarded during the period.

Laamu Integrated Guest House Project, the realisation of President Yameen’s vision for Guest House Island. Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation Limited (MITDC) invite interested investors to become a part of the first ever Laamu Integrated Guest House Project in Maldives.