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Kaashidhoo Integrated Project

The island of Kaashidhoo being the fifth biggest island in the entire Maldivian Archipelago, gives the unique opportunity for the development of Integrated Tourism.

The initiative aims to develop and market 05 beachfront Guest Hotels with a bed capacity of 250, along with other required infrastructure, including Water Sports facilities, Dive Centre, Spa and Restaurants.

The stated 05 beachfront Guest Hotels will be considered as the Phase 1 of the development in Kaashidhoo and with regard to the success of the project, MITDC looks forward to widen the development and create more opportunities for locals to enter the mid-range tourism market.

The project is aimed to build 05 prefabricated Guest Hotels and other supporting facilities on the beachfront space allocated for Integrated Tourism Development on the Kaashidhoo Island. These properties will be leased to the interested parties for a tenure of 25 years, through open bids with regard to the policies and procedures stated by MITDC at the time of event. It will also lay necessary infrastructure for Guest Hotel operations, including Restaurants, Spas, Water Sports, Dive Centre and Club House, enabling local tourism to flourish in the Island of Kaashidhoo and the region the island consist of.